Catering Request Instructions 

You can submit your catering order using the online form below or shoot us an email catering@avonbakeryanddeli.com.

  • Delivery Available for orders over $100 and will incur an additional Delivery fee of $50-$75.
  • Gratuity of 10% will be added to all catering orders over $100.
  • Last Minute Orders will be filled as timing and business allows and may incur a 10% rush order charge.
  • IMPORTANT:  No catering order is guaranteed until you have confirmed and paid for your order with an Avon Bakery coordinator.  Submitting a request does not guarantee we can meet your catering event deadline. 

If you need assistance or would like to speak with a catering representative please contact our Catering Office at 970-949-4907.


Catering Request Form



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