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Please review our extensive catering menus below.

  • Delivery may be available Monday to Friday for a Delivery fee of $75-$150, requires at least 72 hours notice.
  • Staff Gratuity of 15% will be added to all catering orders.
  • Last Minute Orders (less than 48 hrs notice) will incur a 10% RUSH ORDER CHARGE & will be filled as timing / business allows.
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Breakfast Catering Items

Sandwiches, Breakfast Burritos, Smoked Salmon & Bagel Platters!

ORGANIC NORWEGIAN SMOKED SALMON & BAGEL PLATTER - Lemon, capers, tomatoes, onions & lemon-dill cream cheese (minimum 12) 13.99 per person

BREAKFAST BURRITO BOX - Fresh made breakfast burritos with sour cream & salsa (minimum 12) 9.99 per person

BREAKFAST SANDWICH BOX - Fresh made breakfast sandwiches (minimum 12) 8.99 per person

BAGEL & CREAM CHEESE BOX - Choice of 2 spreads (minimum 12) 3.99 per person

GRANOLA & FRUIT PARFAIT BAR - House-made granola, fresh fruit + Greek honey vanilla yogurt 3.99 per person (minimum 12)

HOUSE-MADE QUICHE - Sundried tomato-mozzarella, spinach-mushroom + feta, chorizo potato + cheddar or BYO 18.99 each (72-hour notice required)


Pastries, Muffins, Scones & Quick Breads

MINI-CROISSANT BOX - Fresh baked-butter, chocolate & raspberry (minimum 12) 2.49 per person

LARGE-CROISSANT BOX - Fresh baked-butter, chocolate & raspberry (minimum 12) 3.99 per person

GLUTEN FREE MUFFIN BOX - Butter & jam (minimum 12) 3.99 per person

SCONE BOX - Fresh baked scones, butter & jam (minimum 12) 3.49 per person

QUICK BREAD BOX (Choose One) - Fresh baked banana (with/w-out walnuts), pumpkin & cranberry walnut bread 21.99 per box


Soups & Salads Catering Items

Feed your guests our always homemade soups and mixed greens!

ALWAYS HOMEMADE SOUP - Always made fresh on the premises with rolls & butter 12.99/15.99 per quart.

SOUP & SOURDOUGH BREAD BOWLS - (New England clam chowder, Beef Burgundy, Seafood Gumbo, Chicken Gumbo, Chili) 8.99 per person.  *72 Hour Notice Required 12 Person Minimum Order-Please inquire for soup selections.

MIXED GREENS - house mix, grape tomatoes, red onion, carrots, cucumbers, sprouts & house-made dressings 29.99/39.99 small/large.

CAESAR - romaine lettuce, house made Caesar dressing, croutons, & parmesan cheese 29.99/39.99 small/ large.

COBB SALAD - romaine & red leaf lettuce, avocado, tomato, cucumber, carrots, natural bacon, hard cooked eggs, grilled marinated Regal Crest Farms Antibiotic Free Chicken breast, ranch or blue cheese dressing 49.99/59.99 small/large

GREEK SALAD -romaine, kalamata olives, oven dried tomatoes, pepperoncini, cucumbers, red onion & feta cheese 39.99/49.99 small/large.



Balsamic vinaigrette, Greek herb vinaigrette, Caesar, blue cheese, ranch, 1000 Island, oil & vinegar.

Add Meat To Any Salad

Chicken, tuna salad, chicken salad. Prices vary by item.

Sandwich Party Boxes


ABD VIP PARTY BOX - Choose up to four different cold sandwiches. (16 individually wrapped 1/2 sandwiches) includes two quarts of sides (pasta, potato or macaroni salad) & brownie bite box 144.99 *Salmon +3.79 each

ABD PARTY BOX  - Choose up to four different cold sandwiches. (16 individually wrapped half sandwiches) 129.99 *Salmon +3.79 each

SLIDER BOX - Ciabatta, Brioche & Pumpernickel sliders-choose four types of cold sandwiches (minimum 12) 4.99 each

Catering Platters

The perfect solution for any group or gathering!

ANTIPASTI SKEWERS - Genoa salami, capacolla, pepperoncini, sharp provolone, olives (minimum 12) 3.50 per skewer

CAPRESE SKEWERS - Fresh & oven dried tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, fresh basil, pesto, balsamic glaze (minimum 12) 3.50 per skewer

GRILLED VEGGIE SKEWERS - grilled eggplant,roasted peppers, grilled zucchini, grilled onions, pesto & balsamic glaze (minimum 12) 3.50 per skewer

ORGANIC NORWEGIAN SMOKED SALMON PLATTER - Pickled onions, capers, lemon, dill cream cheese & fresh pumpernickel rolls (minimum 12) 15.99 per person.

TRIO PLATTER - ABD chicken salad, albacore tuna salad, egg salad, crispy greens, olives, pickles & fresh rolls (minimum 12) 6.99 per person.

MEAT & CHEESE BYO SANDWICH PLATTER - One platter of assorted meats & cheeses & one platter of condiments: lettuce, tomato, onions, sprouts, pickles, 2 spreads & fresh rolls (minimum 12) 13.99 per person.

SEARED TUNA & SEAWEED SALAD - Sesame crusted tuna, seaweed salad, wasabi, pickled ginger (minimum 12) 16.99 per person.

FRUIT PLATTER - Cantaloupe, honeydew, pineapple, strawberries & grapes (minimum 12) 3.99 per person.

MIXED BERRIES & YOGURT - Strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries & grapes, Greek honey-vanilla yogurt (minimum 12) 5.99 per person.

CHEESE PLATTER - Assorted cubed cheeses served with bagel chips (minimum 12) 3.99 per person.


Sack Lunches

In & out in no time.

In a hurry? Need a fast, delicious lunch, but don't want to wait? Wait no longer with our made to order sack lunches! 

CONTRACTOR SPECIAL - Any cold sandwich, chips, cookie (minimum 10) 18.99 per person. +2 fruit salad, +3 salmon, +3 bottled water

THE POWDER STASH - One cold sandwich, side of pasta, potato or macaroni salad, chips & cookie (minimum 10) 21.99 per person. +2 fruit salad, +3 salmon, +3 bottled water

  • Last Minute Orders (less than 48 hrs notice) will incur a 10% RUSH ORDER CHARGE & will be filled as timing / business allows.

Cakes, Pies & Desserts

Cakes, Pies & other Sweet Treats!

*Price of cake includes icing-writing for your special occasion*

To submit a request for a cake, please click here to fill out the catering form.

 CAKES (72  hour notice required)

GERMAN CHOCOLATE CAKE - 8” (serves 8-12) 64.99

CHOCOLATE GANACHE CAKE - 8” (serves 8-12) 64.99

TRES LECHES CAKE - 8" (serves 8-12) 64.99

CARROT CAKE - 8" (serves 8-12) 64.99

RED VELVET CAKE - 8” (serves 8-12) 64.99

VANILLA BEAN CHEESECAKE - 8" (serves 8-12) 49.99

BERRY CHEESECAKE - 8" (serves 8-12) 49.99

ITALIAN CREAM CAKE - 8" (serves 8-12) 64.99

PIES (72 hour notice required)

PEANUT BUTTER PIE - 8” (serves 8-12) 29.99

KEY LIME PIE - 8" (serves 8-12) 29.99

APPLE PIE & PUMPKIN PIE - 8” (serves 8-12) 24.99 (Only available during Thanksgiving & Christmas Holidays)


CREAM PUFF BOX - Dozen Minimum 3.99 each

CANNOLI BOX - Dozen Minimum 3.99 each

To submit a request for a cake, please click here to fill out the catering form.

Cookies, Brownies & Sweets

COOKIE BOX - Fresh baked chocolate chip, peanut butter, oatmeal raisin (minimum 12) 2.99 per person. 

GLUTEN FREE COOKIE BOX - Fresh baked Gluten free chocolate chip 3.99 (minimum 12) per person.

BROWNIE BOX - Fresh baked brownies, blondies & magic bars (minimum 12) 2.99 per person.

BISCOTTI BOX - Fresh baked biscotti (minimum 24) 1.99 per piece.

*our gluten free products are to accommodate those avoiding gluten for dietary preference, NOT for those who are highly allergic.


Find the perfect sides!


MAC-N-CHEESE - By the quart 9.99

CHICKEN SALAD / TUNA SALAD - By the Pound 13.99

HUMMUS OR FRESH SALSA - By the ½ pint 4.99, pint 7.99


Beverage options for your group.




ICE COLD REAL LEMONADE - 12 Servings 29.99

BOTTLED DRINKS - Bai 5 juices, Nantucket Juices, San Pellegrino Sodas, Izze, Red Bull, Organic Milk, Bottled Water

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Please Read

Allergen Warning: Consuming raw or under-cooked meats, poultry, sea food, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food-borne illness.

Gluten Free Warning: Please be advised all of our products are prepared in a common kitchen and we cannot guarantee that cross-contact with other gluten-containing products will not occur and we cannot recommend this for persons with Celiac Disease. Our gluten-free products are intended for those with minor gluten sensitivities or those who prefer to avoid gluten for nutritional reasons.